Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Pearly Gels

Good evening everyone :)

The UK is still outrageously warm but somehow I haven't melted yet (well, just a little bit).  Apparently we're going to have cooler temperatures and rain next week though and I CANNOT WAIT.  Guaranteed I'll be complaining about the rain after two days, but such is life.

I have another Born Pretty Store review today (I will post something else soon, honest! Maybe...).  It's another gel polish but this time one with a pearl effect.

This is Chameleon Pearl Lustre Gel Polish in BP-11.

The website advises using it over black or white to show it off properly, so I decided to show you both.  I also used it over grey on my ring finger, just to make it look a bit less random having one white nail.

Application was mostly fine.  I used two coats, but I thought it looked a bit patchy on the black nails so I went for a third.  Wish I'd stuck wih two in the end because I don't think it improved the patchiness but it made it a bit pale for my liking.

This polish wasn't for me to be honest.  Nothing wrong with the polish itself, just the look isn't one I like to wear (so yeah...don't know why I chose this polish.  Oh well!).  I don't mind it over the white and grey actually, but over the black I find it a bit dated maybe..?

If you are a fan of this look though, you can find the polish in 6 different colours here.  It's £3.33 a bottle or if you buy all 6 then you can save yourself a few quid.  Don't forget you can use the code LKL91 for 10% off storewide and delivery is free wherever you are in the world.


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