Sunday, 3 March 2013

Flip Flop #26: A Theme You Missed

The choices for day 26 were a theme you missed or your favourite polish.  Now, I can't possibly choose between all my little pretties, and I thought it would be more interesting to go for a theme I missed :)

Back on day...whatever it was...I decided not to do a stained glass manicure because I thought you needed jellies to do it.  It seems I was getting confused with a manicure that I think I saw on Chalkboard Nails?  So anyway, I decided to do a stained glass manicure for this day.


It's not the tidiest of manicures, sorry!  I used a base of Barry M Matt White so I could get away with one coat of all the stained glass colours.  I used China Glaze Man Hunt (I seem to be using this all the time recently!), Barry M Bright Red, Red Glitter, Lemon Ice Cream and Bright Purple, and Max Factor Bright Orange.  Then I used a black nail art pen to outline all the little panels of glass.

Only two days left, you never know I might even get this challenge finished by the end of March!