Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Honeymoon Nails: Honu

Hello all :)  I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and have some exciting plans for tomorrow night!  I just thought I'd squeeze in a quick post before the new year.

As I've mentioned before (once or twice..), in August this year, my husband and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon.  I've previously shown you some dragonfly nails inspired by Hawaii, which you can see here, and today I have some more Hawaii-inspired nails to show you.

Our hotel had a tidal lagoon that was FULL of turtles!  It was totally amazing.  We went out snorkeling everyday (me with my life jacket on, since I float like a brick) and there were so many lovely turtles around.  They'd also come up on to the beach every afternoon to soak up some sun before sunset.  Turtles have well and truly established themselves in my top 5 animals, which of course is where every animal aspires to be...

So, first a real turtle:

And now my attempt:


I sponged on some turtley colours - this is super simple and I love the effect, but if you're not sure how to do it you can take a look at my tutorial here - and then added my little gold honu.  Looks just like the real thing, no..?

What do you think?  Do you think I managed to capture enough turtliness with the sponged background, or would you have gone for something different?

PS. Happy new year!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween Challenge #4: Inspired by a Film or TV

It's finally here!  It's still Halloween week so it isn't really that late (we'll just ignore the fact it's November).  the next challenge I shall be more prepared, honestly!

So the prompt for the final day of the challenge is Halloween themed TV or movie inspired.

I'll be honest...mine aren't inspired by a TV or film (is that cheating?), so take your pick - Sabrina, The Worst Witch...

Here's what I did anyway:


Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that my camera has managed to accurately capture the colour of a purple polish :o

Moment over.  Anyhoo, hopefully you can tell I was going for witchy nails!  I used China Glaze Put A Bow On It for my base, and then all details were added using my Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black and White, with a touch of Barry M Gold Foil on my thumb.  Apologies for the very poor tip-wrapping on my thumb!

What are your thoughts?  I did fully intend on actually using tape on my ring finger, but laziness got the better of me.  Plus I flipping hate tape.  I also intended to colour the hat in a dark grey so that the creases would be black, but I decided maybe it'd look odd that nail being more grey when the others were black?

As always, don't forget to check out the final challenge manicures from all the other lovely bloggers participating!

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Challenge #3: Halloween Villains

Evening all!  Just a quick post tonight, because I've been to the pub for tea and I am sleepy (possibly wine-induced).  Also, I shall be honest...these nails were supposed to be for tomorrow, but I haven't done my nails for tonight, so I'll just have to make tomorrow's nails that would have been tonight's nails fit tomorrow's theme.  That makes sense right...?

Here's a reminder of the prompts:

So my Halloween villain of choice...mummies!

I'm aware that these are not remotely original, but it's something I've seen a lot and wanted to try :)  Believe it or not, I sponged three colours for my base.  And then, it would seem, the brightness of my lamp just washed it all out.  I had the same problem last night with getting the lines on my pumpkin to show up...think I need a rejig of my setup.  The three colours, not that you can see them, are OPI My Vampire is Buff, Don't Pretzel My Buttons and Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh.  I was aiming for a bit of an aged/yellowing look, which did work in person, but you'll just have to take my word for it :D Then I used a black striper pen for my lines - these probably could have been thinner!

Don't forget to have a look and see what villains everyone else chose!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween Challenge #2: Pumpkin Faces

It's 10:27pm here, and I should really be in bed, but instead I've just finished off my second challenge manicure for the Halloween Nail Art Challenge.  Too much good TV on a Wednesday night, that's the problem...

So, here's a reminder of the challenge prompts - today we're on pumpkin faces:

I actually attempted some pumpkin nails a couple of years back, which you can see here if you fancy a laugh.

To be honest, I didn't think I could do a much better job this time, so I decided to go down a slightly different route and attempt a pumpkin that spanned all my nails.  He's got a bit of a wonky nose...


I can only apologise for the atrocious clean up - I just could not get that stuff off my skin!

I used OPI A Roll in the Hague, Max Factor Bright Orange and Viva La Colour Creme Brulee for the pumpkin and then my Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black for all the detail.

Now I just need to carve my actual pumpkin...

Don't forget to check out all the other pumpkin manicures!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Halloween Challenge #1: Classic Orange and Black


So I decided a little while ago that I was going to join in with the Halloween Nail Art Challenge in the Challenge Your Nail Art group on Facebook.  Here are the prompts (and a very cute graphic!):

I saw this a little while in advance, giving me plenty of time to prepare.  And it's only 4 prompts, so there is some small chance that I may actually finish it.  So how many manicures did I prepare in advance?


I am a fool.

I am DETERMINED to actually do this though, so I have just been furiously painting my nails, and here's my first challenge manicure!


Yes, I did indeed attempt a water marble.  Yes, I have lost my mind.  I think it's not my worst attempt though...?

I used Barry M Black and Max Factor Bright Orange.  Then I added W7 Orange Dazzle on my little finger nail, and painted the stem of my pumpkin with Barry M Spring Green.  I'm pretty happy with this actually :)  Although, I confess, it's only on the one hand...  Must remember to take it off before work tomorrow!

Have you done any Halloween nail art yet?  I'd love to see - leave your links in the comments or post a picture on my Facebook page!

And don't forget to take a look at all the other orange and black manicures!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Honeymoon Nails: Dragonflies


As I mentioned a few months back, we went to Hawaii on our honeymoon.  It was literally the most amazing thing ever.  We stayed at the Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island, and oh my word, it was paradise.  I was all for just staying there (I think we'd have got away with it for a few months at least?) but my husband said we had to leave :(

So, these are not the nails I wore on my honeymoon.  My honeymoon nails were just my wedding nails, which after about two days of playing in the sea were frankly disgraceful.  So they came off, and I went naked for the rest of the honeymoon.  Oo-er.

Rather, these are nails inspired by our honeymoon :)  I have a few of these to show you, but I'm starting with dragonflies!

The resort had loads of these lovely koi ponds all around.  I thought Bridal Falls was the most appropriate to share!

While we were standing looking at the fish one day, we saw these lovely purple dragonflies flying over the pond.  So pretty! More creatures should be purple, definitely.  So I decided a purple dragonfly manicure was in order.

I used a base of Barry M Elderberry.  I drew my dragonflies using my trusty Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black (seriously, when are they going to make more colours...?) and filled them in using Barry M Vivid Purple and Star Gazer 232.  I then added a little Above the Curve Diva P onto the tips and wings for a bit of sparkle.

This was actually the first time I'd been outside of Europe.  I'm not really much of a holidayer, although I do enjoy city breaks and sightseeing.   I've now totally got the bug though, although I basically just want to keep going back to Hawaii lol. What's the best holiday you've ever been on?

Saturday, 18 October 2014

I'm Married!

Okay so I've actually been married for two months, BUT I am now finally getting round to blogging!  I have been working away doing lots of manicures today to show you over the next few weeks, but I thought today I'd show you what nails I had for my wedding :)

I'm just not a french manicure kind of person (plus I'm absolutely flipping terrible at doing them).  I wanted something a little different, but also didn't want to go wild and do something that I'd look back on in a few years and say "what on earth was I thinking...?".  So, I decided to keep it simple and go for a plain colour.  Believe it or not, it genuinely took my like a year to decide on these nails, and I now own about 7 different nail polishes in this shade, but in the end it had to be the polish that inspired the whole colour scheme (don't tell my husband) - Barry M Peach Melba.

For my bridesmaids, I went with a glitter gradient of Barry M Gold Glitter over OPI My Vampire is Buff, to match their gold and pearl accessories.

What are your thoughts?  Would you go more traditional or more adventurous?

(Shout out to Amber Skye Photography for our wonderful photos :) )

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Red

Hello lovelies!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)  I had to pop in to town yesterday for a few bits.  I somehow lost my shopping list en route though so I ended up just buying clothes.  Totally essential of course...  Today I had a MUCH needed lie in and general lazy day.  I'm so exhausted after going to Liverpool last weekend for my hen and home the weekend before for a wedding, I was desperate for a lie in!  Thank goodness I had a weekend off before hen night number two :p

So, I've been a member of British Nail Bloggers for aaaaages (you may have noticed the tab here).  This week they started the Colour Me Crazy! Challenge.  It's a once a week challenge, which I should hopefully be able to keep up with (I'm sure we all remember the 30 Day Challenge fiasco...).

So here is my manicure for the first challenge prompt - Red.


I finished putting all my polishes on swatch stick this week (well, okay...I underestimated my collection so I ran out of sticks) so an ombre seemed like the thing to do now that I have all my polishes in some sort of organised fashion where I can easily compare them :D  Rather unhelpfully, the last three polishes have photographed as almost the same colour though...

From dark to light, I used Max Factor Ruby Fruit, Ciate Dangerous Affair, OPI Chick Flick Cherry, Liz Earle Knockout and Ciate Mistress.  The random pattern - not sure what they're supposed to be but it's one of my go to patterns - was drawn on using my Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black.

Please take a little look at all the other lovely red manicures this week:

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Colourful Tree

This was actually a manicure that I did for a guest post for a fellow blogger who was getting married.  I guess things got even busier than she expected and this never got posted.  The plus side is I have a post ready written and just have to paste it here - woohoo!

Given the circumstances of the guest post, I thought it would be nice to do a weddingy manicure!  What with my wedding coming up (although this was a good year ago!) I thought it would be nice to try out a potential wedding manicure for myself. We’re having a beach theme, and sort of peachy-corally (okay, they're orange) bridesmaids.  So I whipped out my Barry M Peach Melba and every nail polish I own that could be considered shell-coloured, and started creating my masterpiece.  Er...unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out as I’d envisioned, so out came the nail polish remover and I turned to good old Google for some inspiration.

I found this lovely picture:

I don’t quite have the skills to recreate that on my nails, so here’s what I came up with instead:

I used Barry M Matt White for my base.  For the tree trunk I used Barry M Bright Purple, and for all the dots and details I used Barry M Guava, Nails Inc Grosvenor Street and Knightsbridge Green, Max Factor Cactus Green and Bright Orange, and Rimmel Sunshine.  There’s a little bit of green Sharpie thrown into the grass as well, just for good measure.

For my thumb, I picked out a few of the details from the original image.

It’s not as neat as it could be, but it’s bright and summery, and perfect for the lovely weather we’re having here in the UK at the moment!  I shouldn’t imagine that’s going to last long though...

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Glitter Comparison

A little while ago they had W7 Multi Dazzle in Poundland.  I got a little overexcited and bought three, despite the fact I already have ample supply of multicoloured glitter toppers.  But er...they're good for presents and stuff...?

Anyway, when I got them home, I thought it would be worth seeing just how similar it was to the glitters I already had.

Here's the line up:

Left to right we have: Technic Carnival, a classic cheap multicoloured glitter; W7 Multi Dazzle, my Poundland bargain; BeautyUK Intergalactic, which I was sent to review a little while ago, and Barry M Amethyst Glitter.

In the name of fairness, I used two coats of each polish.

The obvious one that stands out here is Barry M Amethyst Glitter - this is clearly intended to be a full coverage glitter rather than a topper.

Slightly less obvious is the difference between BeautyUK Intergalactic and the other two.  Intergalactic contains a mixture of square and hex glitters, whereas the other two only contain hexes.

So that leaves Carnival and Multi Dazzle.  They've swapped sides no just to confuse you - Multi Dazzle on the left, Technic on the right.

I really can't see a difference in composition here - they both seem to contain the same size and colour glitters.  Carnival is a little more dense though.

So, I've hopefully mostly justified owning several seemingly identical glitters.  And, added bonus, if you're after Technic Carnival but can't be bothered waiting for delivery, pop to your local pound shops and see if they have any W7 Multi Dazzle in stock :D