Thursday, 28 June 2018

Review: Born Pretty Store Thermal Gel Polish

Happy Thursday!

Our heatwave here in the UK is still going strong, and somehow I've survived.  We bought a gazebo earlier this week so now we can actually go out in the garden rather than cowering in the house with the blinds all closed (this skin was not made for sun exposure).

Today I have the first of my latest haul of Born Pretty Store products to show you.  Just so we're all clear from the offset - I LOVE THIS.

So what is this?  Well it's only the most fabulous thermal gel polish I have ever seen (also the only one, but let's not let that take anything away from it's wonderfulness).  I've long been a fan of thermal polishes, what with them basically being magic and all, but I haven't tried a gel one.  I was a bit dubious...I've found in the past that sometimes thermals don't work that well if you paint it on too thick, so I wondered how well it would work what with gels generally being thicker.

Well, it worked bloody wonderfully.

When it's warm, this polish is a sort of hot barbie pink.

When cold, it went to a really deep purpley mauve.  I know these are like the vaguest colour descriptions ever, but they were hard to pin down!

What I really loved about this polish is that most of the time it had an amazing gradient effect.  I have pretty cold hands and the last thermal polish I tried was just constantly the cold colour unless I put my fingers in hot water (which obviously I did).  I also love the gradual transition between the colours rather than a sharp line between the hot and cold colours.

The picture below shows the polish transitioning from warm to cold.

And lastly, for your amusement...  I have Raynauds but for some reason decided it would be a good idea to photograph this polish after taking the bins out in the cold.  Evidently my ring finger warmed up quicker than the others...


If you would like your very own fabulous thermal gel polish (and you should) you can find it here.  The colour I'm wearing is BP-11 Strawberry Shake.  Don't forget, shipping is always free and you can get 10% off your order using the code LKL91.  Happy shopping!

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