Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Technique: Jelly Sandwich

Ah, it's the weekend! We were promised horrible weather, but it looks pretty nice outside to me! I'm going to take a stroll in to town later (this will undoubtedly result in some nail polish being purchased...).

So last week you voted for me to give a jelly sandwich a go. I've dodged this technique for quite some time, the main issue being that I don't own any jellies...

But anyway, that's not going to stop me! I decided to use China Glaze Manhunt - when I first used that I thought it had jelly-like qualities, it's quite glassy and squishy-looking.


After two coats of Manhunt, I used two coats of Barry M Hologram, which is made up of medium holographic silver hexes.  I was going to add one more coat of Manhunt to finish off, but then panic struck.  Would it be too opaque?  Or maybe too streaky?

So I cheated. Instead I finished off with a coat of 2true Glitterati Shade 3, which is essentially a pre-made jelly sandwich.  You can still see the later of Barry M glitter through it though, so I think overall it ended up being very pretty.

I can't believe how difficult this was to photograph though!  It was super squishy-looking and shiny, but the photo has just made it look totally flat!  Any tips for how to capture this sort of look well on camera?

Are you a fan of jelly sandwiches?  Or would you go for quick cheat like me...?

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  1. I love jellies, but I also love faking it with a sheer polish if I want it to look like a 3D-ish painting. I love your taste in colours!

  2. Looks gorgeous! I haven't tried a jelly sandwich but I love the look! x