Thursday, 3 October 2013

Something Fishy...


It's almost Friday - woohoo!  Bottle of wine is in the fridge ready...  I'm currently watching The Wonder of Dogs, and awww they're so flipping cute!  Dogs are literally the best thing ever.  I'd happily replace all my family with dogs :D (I hope they're not reading this...).

Anyhoo, today I have some water decals from KKCenterHk to show you.  Well, a water decal.

It comes as one whole sheet!  You just need to cut out the bit you want, and then the usual soak in water for about 20 seconds, slide off and place on your nail.


I really like the design on these :)  I used them over some white polish to make the colours pop.  I just cut out rough rectangles and then removed all the excess with acetone (just like clean up when you've gotten a little messy with the polish), so you don't need to worry about cutting them out the right size and shape and all that.

A few little things that I had issue with.  I think I have fairly small nails, and they're quite short here, but I needed to use more than half the sheet for one hand.  This might not be a problem if you cut them out a little more closely to the width of your nail I suppose, or you could always use it for a few accent nails!  My other concern was that the design on the sheet is different at the top and bottom, so even if you could cover all 10 nails you couldn't get both hands to match.

That being said, super quick and easy to apply, and a really bold pattern :)  If you're wondering what's going on on my little finger nail btw, I applied my topcoat before the decal had dried, so be careful!

You can see these decals here.  A sheet costs $2.82 (about £1.74) and you can get 10% off with the code polishedart. Happy shopping!


  1. this is a cool mani I like it :) the colours used are nice thanks for sharing xxx

    1. Thanks Dawny :) The colours are great aren't they - really bright.