Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Floral Mani

Whilst painting my nails this morning, I managed to kick over a cup of coffee.  The nails got ruined in the clean up, so here's an old mani instead!

I've done flowers using a dotting tool loads of times, so I wanted to try a slightly different floral pattern.

I feel the need to say that the pattern on the sofa behind was not my choice...

For this design, I used Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream as a base.  The roses were done using Barry M Bright Pink and Max Factor Disco Pink, and the leaves were done using Barry M Mint Green and Spring Green.  If you hadn't guessed, I've got quite a few Barry M polishes in my collection...  The highlights were done using Collection 2000 French White, and it's all sealed with a coat of OPI RapiDry.

I think they ended up looking quite Cath Kidston-esque.  What do you think?


  1. Hello & welcome to blogging :) These have a very vintage look about them, and its perfectly excuted! Oh and I had to laugh at the coffee cup! I have 2 little sons whose mission is to stop me from painting my nails.

  2. Thanks Karen :) It's a good job I have my coffee very milky - it doesn't seem to have stained the carpet!

  3. I love these, you did a great job!