Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Lions

Happy Sunday everyone :)  I hope you're having a lovely weekend.  It's just about cooled down enough here for me to be able to handle being near my laptop (this thing produces a lot of heat...).  I know I shouldn't complain about the sun, because I'll only whine when it gets cold again, but there we go.  There's just no pleasing me.

Anyhoo, yesterday I went with a few friends to watch the last of the Lions games.  For those of you who don't know what on earth I'm talking about, it's rugby.  Every four years a squad is put together of players from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland and they go on tour to either Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.  They play a load of warm up games against some of the smaller teams in the country, before finishing off the tour with three games against the national squad.  This year the tour was in Australia, and yesterday was the last of the three matched against them.  We'd both won a game each so far, so it was all hanging on yesterday's game.  And we smashed them!  It was epic :D  It's the most points the Lions have EVER scored in a test match.  Woohoo!

So, naturally, today I have some Lions nail art for you :)


The Lions badge is a shield made up of the four nations badges, which is what I've attempted here, and the logo for this year's tour was a lions head in the shape of Australia which I've drawn on my thumb.

I used Barry M Matt White, Nails Inc Knightsbridge Green, Barry M Bright Red and Nails Inc Southwark for my base colours.  All details were done using my white Barry M nail art pen, Sharpies and a little bit of yellow acrylic paint.

Did you watch the game yesterday?

Also, I'd love some feedback on the new header and removal of the border from the photo!  Please leave your thoughts in the comments :)


  1. This is stunning! :) You're so good at detailing. I'd watched every Lions game up until Saturday where I got asked to go and work as someone called in sick at the last minute, I was absolutely gutted! Spend most of the shift staring at the BBC Sport live updates page.

    1. Aw no! That's so annoying :( I missed the first test but managed to avoid finding out the score, so I watched it the next day :)