Monday, 17 February 2014

Then and Now #3: Roses

Hello again :)

Today I have a Then & Now post that I did so long ago it's almost more of a Then & Then!  This is the manicure I was recreating (as voted by you):

Ah, that sofa was ugly, but it was darn comfy.  Anyway, yes, hideous hideous photo, but I do still like the nails!  You can see the original post here.

And here's the new version!

I used all the same polishes as before (except the white is my trusty Barry M Matt White!), but went for a bit of a rougher more haphazard approach, rather than the smooth 'c' shapes I used before.  Apologies for the broken thumbnail and the fact that my skin looks like I'm about 80!

Which do you prefer?  And do you think there's any improvement??

Oh and yeah...I've just noticed the bit of glitter on my little finger.  Forgot about that!  I was going to add glitter highlights to all my roses but when I started doing the first one I realised the pink was too salmon.

If you'd like to see my recreate another old manicure, you can choose which ones by clicking 'like' on the photos in the Facebook album here.


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    1. Thank you Anne :) Think my poor fingers are in serious need of some moisturising though!