Monday, 3 March 2014

FatPuss Polish Kitty Glitter

Aloha my lovelies!  Just a quickie today.  I have to be up early tomorrow to travel into London so I should really be in bed, but instead I'm writing a blog post and drinking Baileys (well...Home Bargains' equivalent...classy).

Anyhoo, yes.  I just have a little swatch for you today.  You may remember this post from November where I showed you my first FatPuss Polish, made by a girl I went to school with :) Well this is the other polish I bought at the same time (yes, it has really taken me this long to post these!).


This is Kitty Glitter - I love that these all have cat-related names!  This is like...well, this is what the word 'glitterbomb' was created for!  There's literally everything in there - hexes, squares, stars and strands in all sorts of colours (including some holo).  What I think is quite unusual though is the large matte white circle glitters :)

I layered it over OPI Suzy's Hungary Again, although now I'm looking at swatches of that I'm doubting myself...I think the colour's just come out a little funny on these pictures maybe?


Application wasn't exactly a dream, it required a lot of dabbing and positioning of that larger glitters, but that isn't exactly unusual for glitters like this.  It probably would've benefitted from being sponged on to reduce the amount of base, as I managed to make it quite lumpy, which then meant I used a lot of top coat, when then meant I got bubbles.  Grrrrrr....


I thought this might also look cute mattified, so I gave that a go!  Either the glitters were too shiny though or my matte top coat isn't very good (I have suspected this for a while...I have the Rimmel one, does anyone else use that?).

I should really try this over my Barry M Grey, I think that would be really pretty :)  And I just like grey...isn't that boring lol.  Anyhoo, I hope you've all had a lovely start to the week!  I know that's difficult for a Monday, but we must try.  I have quite a few products to review, so I'm hoping to blitz those this week, so you can (hopefully!) expect a few more posts from me!

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