Saturday, 26 April 2014

I'm Still Alive!

Firstly, I shall make my excuses...

Life's been somewhat hectic.  With planning my wedding, my friend's hen do, starting my Masters project and an exam coming up in just over a week, the blogging, I've posted three times this year.  Shameful.  I've found that whereas when I used to have a spare half hour I might paint my nails or write a blog post, now I spend my spare time flicking through Pinterest looking for wedding ideas.  Sometimes for other people's weddings.  I am wedding obsessed.

But of course I don't want my blog to fizzle out and die (if it hasn't already), and I'll certainly want it here and waiting when the wedding planning is all over!

So, I have a two part plan for being a less rubbish blogger.

Part 1 - Post everything I've got waiting in my 'Ready' folder

Some of that stuff has been in there for a loooong time.  It really needs clearing out so I can start afresh, and I might as well post them all rather than delete them!  This does come with a few warnings though.  A lot of the pictures were taken while I was up in Liverpool earlier this year without my lightbox, so some of the photos aren't the best quality.  Clean up is often absent.  Some of them you can even see a little bit of polish I missed when removing the previous manicure...lovely.

Part 2 - Steal other people's ideas

As well as being busy, a big reason I haven't posted is because I haven't even been painting my nails.  I literally don't even know when I last did nail art, and even then it was probably only leopard print.  I've seriously lost my mojo.  I have zero new ideas and I feel like I'm just never going to improve my skills.  So, I'm thinking copying a few manicures I like would be a good place to start, and hopefully eventually get the creative juices flowing!  Obviously I won't actually steal designs, they'll be credited!  Any suggestions of manicures I should (attempt to) recreate are welcome :)

So, here goes...wish me luck!

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