Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nail Art In A Hurry #2


Today is the second Nail Art In A Hurry post.  Never again shall you have an excuse to leave the house with plain nails!

Today I have a twist on a French manicure.  I am properly rubbish at doing a normal French manicure, I just can't get a smooth, even line.  But this method is fool-proof.


1. Prepare your nail and apply your basecoat.

2. Starting at one side of your nail, sweep diagonally across your tip.

3. Repeat on the other side.

4. Clean up (or just don't make a mess to begin with), topcoat and you're done!

And when you have a little more time, try jazzing it up by adding lines or dots along the bottom of the tip, or maybe a rhinestone on the point.  And you just just have to limit yourself to traditional French manicure colours, this technique also looks great with other colours!

I have two more Nail Art In A Hurry posts coming up for you this week, but in the meantime let me know how you spice up your manicure when you don't have time for nail art?


  1. I love this, especially with the dots and stripes

    1. I've used this tutorial for the first of my tri-polish challenge designs, linking back to page of course.

    2. Aw thank you Emma, that's very sweet :)

  2. Gorgeous twist on a french mani :)

  3. Thank you :) So so quick to do as well!