Saturday, 13 June 2015


Hello my lovely readers :)

I was very excited to receive an email a couple of weeks ago from Boots asking me if I'd like to try out some of their new Seventeen Gel Colours.  Umm...yes please!  I was sent the four colours below to show you (plus an adorable little gift bag):


To clairfy, these are gel effect polishes, so just apply like normal polishes - no curing or any of that malarkey.

All swatches are shown without top coat.  For some of these I used three coats to get a perfect macro coverage, but I think you'd probably get away with 2 with careful application.

First up, Mint Cooler.


This is a gorgeous bright mint colour, absolutely perfect for summer.


 I've used three coats here.

Next, Summer Sling.


My camera has something against purples, but I've just about managed to get this one colour accurate!  More so in the top image.  This is a lovely warm, not-quite-pastel shade.


This one only needed 2 coats for a flawless finish.

Up third is White Lady.


Look at this beauty!  No messing around with hints of grey or cream, this is a true, super-bright white.  This'll make a great base for nail art (bye bye Barry M Matt White...).


Again, this one was another three coater for me.

And lastly, my favourite of the four - Lemon Drop.

seventeen-17-gel-colour-nail-polish-lemon drop-swatch

This is a stunning bright lemon yellow.  Absolutely perfect for summer (even if it doesn't look like we're ever going to get a summer in the UK this year) and look at that coverage!  I don't own a single other yellow polish that gives me coverage like that without white undies.  If you're on the market for a yellow, I would absolutely recommend this one.


Again, I used 3 coats.

You can see from these swatches that all of these polishes have a lovely glossy finish - and these are all taken in a lightbox, which dulls the shine a little.  The formula on these was good, slightly thick but in a good way that meant there was no pooling.  The brush, as you can see below, is wide and flat, which is my preferred type of brush.  Although not as wide as the Rimmel brushes which are wider than my little finger nails...  It has a curved-shape to end that meant it was easy to get a clean cuticle line without any clean-up. 

All in all, I really like these polishes and will certainly have a nose at what other colours are available next time I'm in town, and at £3.99 a pop they're great value.  You can see the full collection here.

And lastly!  These polishes claim 8 day wear, so obviously I have to test that...  I've used three coats of Mint Cooler with my usual base and top coats (OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and Seche Vite).  I'm currently on day 5 and still going strong, with no chips or tip wear at all, which is really good going for me!  I'll update this post when I reach day 8 :)  And watch this space for some nail art using these polishes...

I hope you're all having a great weekend!


So, it's day 8, and the verdict is...

Not bad?  These chips happened yesterday, so I got 7 days chip free wear.  I normally get about 3 days if I've been super super careful with application, so this is great for me.  The chips are in a bit of a funny place, but I think it's just cracked where my nails bend when I bash them against things.  You'll notice the other nails don't even have a hint of tip wear, which is amazing.  So possibly with shorter nails you might get even more than 7 days out of it.  If you can handle having the same colour nails for that long...I know I'm itching to do some nail art!

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