Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Tiger Feeding

Any post that involves pictures of tigers is good right?

For Christmas, my lovely husband bought me a Big Cat Encounter at Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent.  WHF is a big cat sanctuary, but run a little differently to a normal zoo - it isn't open to the public other than by booking one of their experiences or on their annual open days.  The Big Cat Encounter included a couple of hours seeing all the cats with a keeper for tour guide, plus getting to feed some of the cats (through the fence...I still have all my limbs).


This is Puna.  Whilst I obviously love all tigers equally, Puna is like the prettiest tiger ever.  Look at her little face!  She was a bit scared of John though bless her, although that didn't seem to be an issue when he was offering her chicken...

Anyway, nails.  I just did a simple tiger manicure (you can see my tutorial here) using OPI A Roll In The Hague, with some Barry M Matt White sponged on, and a very very old and very very thick black striper pen.


More tigers!

This is Puna's boyfriend (also a big fan of chicken).  When we visited, Puna had just had a contraceptive implant so that they can live together <3  They have been a breeding pair previously, but no more babies for the time being!


I like that John looks like he's interviewing him...

I also added a little white nail, striped with China Glaze Call Of The Wild, for Narnia, the lovely white tiger below.


Narnia was the first tiger I fed and I was a little nervous, but she didn't eat my hand so it's all good.  It's crazy how much bigger they are up close though, even than they look in these pictures.


We also got to see the beautiful jaguar Athena, the pumas, the pride of white lions, a cheetah called Martin and lots of other tigers and little cats :)  And another massive lion who's moving soon so he can have some lady tigers for company.  We then spent the afternoon visiting Wildwood, which is like a zoo but for British animals.  Far less exotic, and mostly nocturnal.  Give me tigers any day...


  1. I don't know if I would be as courageous as you! I like wild animals, but not from close :))
    As about your manicure, it is bright and beautiful! Great one!

    1. I was assured it was all very safe as long as I followed their instructions! :)

  2. These are gorgeous! (Both the tigers and your nails!) I'm so jealous of you getting to feed them, it looks like an amazing experience! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel. It was totally amazing, would HIGHLY recommend it. Although it's weird how quickly you get used to the fact that you're just casually feeding tigers lol.