Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Number of Nautical Nails

That was a poor attempt at alliteration, I apologise.

Anyhoo, my lovely sailor fiance is getting home today (YAY!!!) so what better time to show you these nautical manicures?

I was sent this sheet of water decals from Born Pretty Store.  There's like...I don't know, some ridiculous number of images on there.

They're set out into four sets of nails, but they are all individual decals.  And the nails on the sheet are massive as well.  So these will last you a fair while!  I so want to do a Peter Pan manicure with one of those little ships, but I just can't think how to do it...

There are about 4 or 5 of each design, and there's different sizes as well, which gives you lots of options for different nail art.

They're all nautical themed, but there's lots of different variations on the theme, so here are some of the looks I came up with.


Here I used Essie Case Study, with China Glaze Desert Sun and Kalahari Kiss sponged over the top with cling film to create a vintage look.

The decals are super easy to use.  Roughly cut out the decal you want, soak in water for 10-15 seconds, slide off and place on your nail.  While they're wet they're easy to move around, so you don't have to worry about getting it wrong!  Oh, and don't forget to peel off the protective plastic sheet before soaking them...honestly, you wouldn't believe how many times I forgot.  that's why there's a few extra bits if decal on my index finger.


For this Whites look I used Barry M Matt White and Gold Foil.  The little chains are also decals :)  There's a few chain and rope type designs in there that are great for tips!


Finally, I played with my new Nails Inc Southwark and used my old reliable (and a little bit stinky) OPI Flick Chick Cherry for this more traditional nautical manicure :)  All the white bits were done with the Barry M Nail Art Pen - I was feeling too lazy to get out the dotting tools and striping tape.

You can see these decals here.  They're $3.99 (£2.63) - a right bargain for how many manicures you'll get out of this sheet.

I can see from the stats that Born Pretty Store give me access to that over 75% of people who make a purchase from following one of my links doesn't use my discount code!  Nooo!  If you're going to make a purchase, save yourself some money ladies!  You can use my code LKL91 for 10% off any purchases from Born Pretty Store, at any time.  So go on, treat yourself :)  I think I'm going to be putting in an order for some of those ice cream colour nail polishes - how fabulous do they look??

Just wait until you see the next lot of water decals I've got from Born Pretty Store to show you...oh my giddy aunt...  (If you want a sneak preview, pop on over to Instagram @polishedart).


  1. fab!! I defo need these for the Fastnet (although I expect my nails not to last long) I especially love the multi one you did first!

  2. These look amazing - you've convinced me that I need some in my life!

  3. Really great designs :) x