Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Untried Challenge Day 6: Cool

Right then, let's see if I can catch up with this challenge before it finishes!

Here's a quick reminder of the challenge prompts:

For my cool manicure, I chose NYC East Village and Lights Camera Glitter.


It doesn't show very well, but I did a reverse glitter gradient on all my nails, except my ring finger which I fully covered in glitter and then blinged up with some rhinestones.  The glitter's probably a little to sparse for this, but it is very pretty.  I love the little purpley hexagons.

East Village on the other hand is useless.  That's gone straight in the 'get rid of' pile.  This was four coats (albeit 2 of them applied by candle light during a power cut) and it still wasn't opaque.  And this sort of finish just isn't for me.

I'm not doing too well at getting through the untried stash really.  Since starting the challenge I've bought 13 new polishes...I think I sort of missed the point.  They are all pretty though, and they were all bargains - how could i refuse?  I can't wait for my first ever Illamasquas to arrive!  Come on Mr Postman!

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  1. I love that blue, and that glitter is amazing. It looks so icy.