Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Untried Challenge Day 8: Glitter

Hello lovely ladies!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend (extra lovely if you're in the UK with the bank holiday!).  I went down to St Ives for the weekend to meet up with my fiance's family, which was lovely :) I  also managed to sunburn the bottom of my legs whilst wearing turned up jeans, despite being freezing.  Slightly concerned about what's going to happen to me when I go to Portugal in a couple of weeks...I'll come back a beetroot.

Anyhoo, here's a reminder of the challenge prompts for the Untried Challenge:

So far I've been going in order, and I've got up to 'oldest'.  I'm now going out of order though (although my newest polishes - some rather lovely Illamasquas - are sitting poised and ready for the 'newest' challenge).

Today I'm jumping ahead to 'glitter'.  I'd wanted a black and white matte glitter (such an oxymoron...) for aaages, but I didn't really want to pay indie prices and not really know what quality of polish I was going to get.  So, when this polish was released, I HAD TO HAVE IT.  I ordered it immediately, then swooned at it when it arrived...then put it in my storage box and never used it.


It is, of course, China Glaze Whirled Away.  Not quite as elusive as It's A Trap-eze, but this still sold out in a lot of places pretty quickly!  I was seriously impressed with that whole Cirque du Soleil collection.

The white glitters required a bit of fishing, which is most most reviews have said.  A little bit of placement was required to get an even coverage, but it certainly wasn't the most difficult polish to apply.  I've used two coats here over OPI Can't Find My Czechbook from the Euro Centrale collection.

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