Thursday, 23 May 2013

Untried Challenge Day 7: Oldest

Going for a stab in the dark here...I think this is my oldest polish: Max Factor Ruby Fruit.  I'm assuming this because, back in the day before I was nail polish addicted, I loved Max Factor make up.  Some things never change though, so back then I also didn't like paying lits of money for things.  So I used to buy make up twice a year when they had those offers on in Boots with the free bag of goodies when you spent £15.  And I'm assuming this is a polish I got in one of those, because it's really not a colour I'd buy (unless I was drunk and/or caught up in the nail-polish-buying moment, in which case anything goes).

So anyhoo, here it is!  My oldest untried.


There's a reason I've left Ruby Fruit unused for this long - it's ugly.  It was actually really pretty on the first coat, it was more of a fuschia colour.  But far too thin and streaky to wear as one coat, so you have to build it up to this rubbish colour.  I also decided to change the rules of this challenge, and I decided that black and white polishes are also allowed.  So I added some Barry M Black tips and dotted with OPI OY-Another Polish Joke from the Euro Centrale collection.

I was really impressed with the OPI actually.  In the bottle I though it was going to be a bit of a rubbish translucent gold-y sort of colour, because it looks similar to another brand I have which is a bit poor on the nail.  I was fully ready to dot over my dots several times to get an opaque colour, but it only took one go!  It's packed full of shimmer, very pretty indeed.

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  1. I really like OPI OY-Another Polish Joke. I really like what you did with this challenge.

    1. I'll have to try it out on full nails, see if it's as sparkly and pretty as it looks on the dots :)

  2. that's such a beautiful pattern!