Saturday, 23 February 2013

Easy Gradient?

Hello lovelies.  Yes I'm going on a posting frenzy today.

I received this colour changing nail polish from Born Pretty Store to review.  When I was younger I used to have Special FX Fickles (I wonder if anyone else remembers these?) which were the same sort of thing, and I loved them, so I was very excited when I discovered similar polishes are still available!  I also thought that, since I'm pretty rubbish at gradients, this would be a good cheat's way of getting a smooth gradient.

The polish comes really cutely presented (and didn't get destroyed by customs - always a bonus) in this little box.

Interestingly you can see two colours in the bottle, although neither of these are the colours it goes on your nail lol.  It doesn't say the volume on the bottle (well...maybe it does, but not in a language I understand!), but by comparison with some other bottles of polish I reckon it's 6ml.

And then it all started to go wrong.  I opened the bottle and the polish was seriously gloopy, and seemed a little lumpy too.  It was not pleasant to apply.  That being said, I didn't make much mess applying it, and one coat of Seche Vite smoothed it out perfectly fine.

I do recommend waiting a few minutes between coats so you don't drag the polish.  All pictures below are three coats, but you could probably just do two if you waited a little longer.

This is the colour when it's cold.  Sorry for the rather pink fingers - my camera hates purples so I had to adjust the white balance to capture the purple.  This is pretty colour accurate though.


I had no problem getting the polish to change to the cold colour.  The warm colour on the other hand...

I have pretty cold hands.  Apparently too cold to make this polish work lol.  So off to the bathroom sink I went!


Sorry they're still wet.  I tried drying them before taking a picture, but that was long enough for them too cool down again!  Beautiful colour though don't you think?

Here's a picture as my nails were cooling down again.  It is really really pretty when it works.

Born-Pretty-Store-Ylin-colour-change-nail-polish-review conclusion?  Don't buy this if you have rubbish circulation.  Or maybe just don't use it in winter.  I did a little google to see if other people had the same problem, and they didn't.  Other people had much more success with it (for example: Rebecca Likes Nails).  So if you don't have rubbish cold hands, then I think it's worth a go.  Both of the colours are really lovely, and in the last picture you can see that it gives the perfect gradient without all the sponging faff.

You can take a look at this product here.  There's a few different colours available and they cost $7.84 a bottle.

Don't forget, if you do decide to purchase this, or any other products from the Born Pretty Store, you can use the code below for 10% off!


  1. haha cool idea but it'd never work on me! I have raynaud's so my hands are always cold!! I love how it looks though! x

    1. I have Raynauds as well - this polish definitely isn't suitable for us lol.