Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tiger Print Tutorial

This is a tutorial for tiger print nails, which I used in this animal print manicure.

To create this look, you'll need:

  • Orange polish (Max Factor Bright Orange)
  • White polish (Barry M Matt White)
  • Black nail art pen (or black polish and a striper brush)
  • Sponge (you only need a tiny bit - I just break bits off this make up sponge)
As always, have a go playing around with colours.  Neon skittle tiger print nails would look awesome...

Here's the step-by-step picture tutorial:


1.  Prepare your nail as normal, and apply your orange polish.

2.  Taking a little bit of sponge and your white polish, pick an edge or corner of your nail and sponge away.  Try to vary where you do this on each nail.  To achieve an even look, you might find it helpful to do your first dab onto a piece of paper before your nail - this removes the excess polish so you don't end up with a big blob!  Also, start at the edge and work your way towards the middle of the nail, so that the white naturally fades.

3.  Using your striping brush, start at the side of you nail, and gently flick your brush across.  Don't try to hard to keep your lines straight, just let them curve with the natural curve of your nail.  You want your lines to come about 2/3 of the way across your nail.  Now do the same starting on the other side, a little further up.  Keep alternating until you've covered the length of your nail.

4.  Now on each side of your nail you have gaps between the stripes.  Go back in with your striper brush and shorter lines.  You can angle these slightly to avoid joining them up with the lines on the other side!

5. Time for a bit of clean up (if you've been as messy as me!).  Apply your favourite top coat, and you're good to go :)  Please remember to give your stripes time to dry before you top coat, so you don't end up smudging it all like I did!