Thursday, 7 February 2013

Flip Flop #7: Sugar Spun

Ugh, what a day! Well, I had a good day, until the journey home. I had to get a bus and four trains, which I was okay with, I've come to terms with the fact that the rail networks in the South East are such utter shite that you can't get anywhere on less than three trains. BUT every single one of my four trains home was delayed, and by just enough for me to miss my connection. Lots of time standing on train platforms in the freezing cold. And none of the trains had the heating on, because, you know, you only pay a small fortune for train tickets, so why should they spend money making your journey comfortable? I am freezing. I've been home an hour and a half with the heating on and wearing multiple dressing gowns and I'm still so cold :( The thought of having to get more trains tomorrow makes me want to weep.

I'm feeling rather sorry for myself, in case you couldn't tell.

But on to other matters. The choices for today's manicure were sugar spun or pattern. After the success of my first sugar spun manicure, I was feeling pretty confident about doing this again. Well...a little smug to be honest.

Oh how misplaced my confidence was.

It was so much harder this time! I guess the polish you use makes a huge difference - which does mean that if you've had a go of this before and not had much luck, it's definitely worth having a go with a different polish! 

Here's what I ended up with anyway. I think it looks quite good in the end, but I wasn't getting the really long thin strands like I did last time that I could just whizz back and fore across the nail. I could only get strands long enough to go across my nail once!


I used Barry M Black and Gold Foil, and then added a couple of studs to finish the look off.

Erm...I'm gonna level with you.  I'm not going to post over the weekend.  I'm off home, and I'm not taking my laptop with me because I can't be arsed carrying it.  I was going to schedule all the posts (the manicure's are actually all done and photographed!) but after my DISASTER with the trains, it's 10pm and I haven't packed...  So...sorry.  But it does mean you get extra posts on Monday :p

Anyhoo, don't forget to check out all the other ladies' manicures!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Danielle :) I was going to use red as well to make it a little Valentinesy, but I'm glad I stopped after the gold, I think it looks more striking :)

  2. Gah these look so awesome!!! I love them to death.

    1. Haha thanks Tiffany! I adore this gold polish, I live in fear of the day it runs out (even though it's still readily available to buy...)

  3. This is really pretty and elegant! <3