Friday, 22 February 2013

Jigsaw Tutorial

Hello ladies :)

This is a tutorial for jigsaw nail art!  I'm sure you've seen plenty of examples of this around the blogosphere, but you can see the version I did here.

I think there's probably a few different ways of doing this, and you could probably get cleaner lines using tape, but this is how I did it and the way that I find easiest.

You will need:-

  • Four nail polishes
  • A dotting tool
  • A Sharpie (or nail art pen, or polish and a striping brush)
I chose to do a monochrome jigsaw, but you can of course do any colour combinations you like.  I recommend, however, that you choose one-coaters for this.  If that's not possible, then just make sure you use your polishes in order of lightest to darkest.

Here's the step-by-step picture tutorial.  I haven't used any nail art brushes for this, just the brushes from the polish.


1. Prepare your nail as normal and apply your base colour.  My black polish wasn't a one coater, so I used that first!

2.  Take your second colour and paint over half your nail.  Get the line as straight as you can, but don't worry too much, we can sort out any wobbles later.

3. With colour number 3, carefully paint across the nail, making a section halfway up your nail.  This doesn't need to go all the way to the edge, and the second edge doesn't need to be tidy because we're going to cover it up.  Just make sure you paint over the edge of colour 2.

4. This is the fiddliest one.  With your fourth colour, paint in the last quadrant of your jigsaw.  Just do your best with the edges (you can see I didn't quite get into the middle!), we'll tidy it up in a minute.

5.  Take your dotting tool and add a dot of colour 1, just on the edge where it joins with colour 2.

6.  Repeat this with each of the other colours, until you have a full jigsaw!

7.  This step is optional.  I didn't do this in my original manicure, but it's great to cover up some messy lines.  Just take your sharpie and draw over all your lines.  Give it time to dry, add your top coat and you're set!


  1. Very pretty nail art! Will be trying this!

  2. i prefer it without the final step ;) remember that jigsaw puzzles most of the time have skew lines anyway ;)