Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ninja Polish Divinity

As promised, here are some pictures of Ninja Polish Divinity for you to drool over.  I've grouped them into fours to create the illusion that I'm not totally spamming you with 16 photos...

I used three coats of Divinity (although 2 would have been fine) plus top coat.

Top: lightbox, Bottom: natural light
 Where to begin...  It's beautiful (if you couldn't already tell I think that from all the photos...).  On the first coat it's a very warm purple tone, leaning a little magenta, then when you add the second coat all the other colours become more prominent.

It's mostly orange and purple, but there are tonnes of other colours in there as well.  The orange ranges from a light gold through to a deep burnt orange, and there's lots of green on the edges and a bit of blue thrown in as well.  These were very distracting nails to wear to work...

Top: natural light, Bottom: Artificial light
 As you can see, the difference in different lights is incredible.  I'd forgive you for thinking that I'm having you on and that these are actually different polishes (but I promise you they're not!).

In natural light, Divinity is everything I thought Max Factor Fantasy Fire was going to be (biggest let down ever).  In artificial light, that shimmer is just AMAZING.

Top: artifical light, Bottom Left: natural light, Bottom Right: lightbox
I've included a picture with the flame accent nail, because while I was taking the pictures for that post, this gorgeous turquoisey blue appeared!

So, yeah, my conclusion is that Divinity is pretty darn pretty.  And a multichrome that doesn't need to be layered over black to look amazing, hurrah!