Saturday, 4 May 2013

Untried Challenge Day 5: Warm

Right, in with the excuses first.  It's not my fault I'm late posting!  I got home from work yesterday, started cooking my tea, and then my electricity went off.  Until 10:30pm.  Turns out there is VERY little you can do without electricity, so I napped.

Anyway, here's a reminder of the challenge prompts for the Untried Polish Challenge hosted by Jonochi at Just Add Polish.

So today's theme is warm.  I instantly picked out Ninja Polish Divinity from my stash, which I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway at Pointless Cafe.


I'm not going to be too cruel, I'll only make you wait a day before showing you more pictures of Divinity.  It's veeeerrryyy pretty.

Anyhoo, as pretty as the polish is, I don't like to wear plain nails, so I added a flame.  Because, you know, flames are warm.  Unfortunately though, I didn't have any flame coloured polishes in my untried pile.  Enter my delivery from Nails Inc (I got a lucky dip) - they very conveniently provided me with a red, orange and yellow.  These are Draycott Place, Westbourne Grove and Notting Hill Carnival.

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  1. That is such a pretty colour, really like how it looks in these pictures, good idea for warm!

    I know what you mean though, I always have to fiddle with my nails after I do them because I just can't leave them plain :p

    1. I feel like going out with plain nails is as bad as going out with naked nails lol.

  2. Such a pretty colour! I plan on doing this challenge once I'm home from my jolly-days. I'm not actually away yet but I need to sort through my polishes for my un-tried's xo

    1. It's good fun :) And (depending on how many untrieds you have, of course) quite challenging to put together a look from the limited colours you have.

      Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  3. Such a beautiful polish! Love the nail art!