Friday, 19 October 2012

31 Day Challenge and Pink Friday Mash Up

Now don't be alarmed...but yes, this is a 31 day challenge manicure being posted on the right day.  I know.

Conveniently, on the only day that the 31DC coincides with Pink Fridays, the challenge prompt is 'Insired by a Colour'.  Convenient.  So obviously I chose pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I'm sure if you follow nail blogs, you'll have seen that loads and loads of bloggers have gotten involved in a challenge of some sort or have been posting pink manicures. I've chosen to participate in Pink Fridays, an event organised by Breast Cancer Care.  Breast Cancer Care is a charity that provides support to people diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as lots of information about checking your breasts, diagnosis and treatment.  You can find out more on their website here, where you can also find information about hosting a Pink Fridays fundraising event.

So here's my pink manicure for this week!  I decided to go for something simple but pretty :)

I used Barry M Bright Pink and Matt White, then added a coat of OPI I Juggle...Men, which you can just about make out on my index and middle fingers (bad lighting, sorry!).

Have a ganders at what colours inspired all the other participants today:


  1. Lovely mani! I planned on doing the pinkie pink thing and epic fail! Forgot each time! Hope to rectify it though xo

  2. Thats so pretty, I love the little pink pearl!

    Jazz x