Monday, 8 October 2012


Today is Canadian thanksgiving.  My Dad lived in Canada for a few years back in the day, so he's taken to celebrating it in recent years.  As I said in yesterday's post, we had a big meal with loads of people round (I'm still not sure how we fit that many people around the table...).  I think we've all just about recovered now - today was the first morning for a few days that my boyfriend didn't throw up from drinking too much the night before; my parents are a terrible influence.

So anyhoo, here are the nails I did for Saturday night.

I had a bit of a Barry M fest here; I used Bright Red, Matt White and Red Glitter.  The glitter isn't quite what I wanted - I thought a chunky red glitter would've looked nice but I don't have one (clearly a sign that I need to buy more polishes).  I was pretty pleased with how my maple leaf turned out though :)  Certainly better than my sister's attempts at drawing one on the front door lol.

So anyhoo, happy thanksgiving to any Canadian readers (and any with a Dad who likes to think he's a little bit Canadian) - I hope you're all stuffing your face with turkey.  I certainly did.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Sounds like you guys had fun!! :)

  2. Happy thanks giving! Lovely nails!

    Jazz x