Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Halloween: Witch

Most imaginative post name ever, I know.  Nothing else was coming to me.  And anyhoo, it is a witch, so it says all it needs to say lol.

I plan to have a few Halloween posts for you over the next few days, in the run up to Halloween. Tonight I have my first one for you :)

This was taken with the flash (my trees didn't show up in the pictures otherwise), so apologies for the yucky shadows.

Right, I used quite a few polishes here, and lots of bits of sponge.  The sky is OPI Roadhouse Blues, Barry M Black and 17 Seabreeze.  The moon is Barry M Matt White, and there's also a little Barry M Lemon Ice Cream in there, and all the detail is done with Barry M Black.

I'm travelling up to Liverpool this weekend for a Halloween party with the boyfriend's family :)  What are your plans?