Thursday, 18 October 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 20: Water Marble

The dreaded water marble.

I've tried water marbling before (you can see my attempt here, although I must warn you, it is not for the faint of heart).  After that attempt, I had no desire to try it again.  Ever.

So I was going to cheat for this challenge, and go with a dry marbling technique instead, like a needle-draggy sort of thing.  Then this morning I thought 'What the heck!  Let's just do it! I won't be defeated by water-marbling!'.  I was.

My logic behind giving it another go was that the water in Liverpool was soft, and the water down here is hard, so maybe this would make a difference.  I think it did, because this certainly seemed even worse than last time.

But I got there in the end.  It took me three attempts to even get the polish to spread in the water.  THREE.  And then I messed that one up whilst dragging it about to make the pattern.  So here is my FOURTH attempt - it wasn't quite how I would've liked it, but by that point the word's "f*** it" came to mind.

So there you have it.  Not awful (compared to my previous attempt, not compared to other people's...).  If it wasn't bubbly, I think it could actually have looked good.

I used Barry M Black and Matt White (honestly, they must be my two most used polishes).

Since it caused me so much physical and mental suffering, I thought I may as well get another photo out of it. So here's a nice close up for you.


Please consider this as my official resignation from water marbling.

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  1. Nooooo don't resign. I haven't even posted mine yet. Plus I think today is suppose to be inspired by a colour or something....which I have not done yet either lol. I'll catch up soon

    1. It's a good job we didn't try and do the challenge every day like you're supposed to isn't it, seeing as we can't even keep up with doing it every three days lol. We'll catch up at some point... I honestly don't think I could face doing water-marbling again, ever. I was just sat there swearing at a little cup of water. My boyfriend is apparently baffled as to why I was doing it if I "hate it".

  2. It doesn't look that bad though! I couldn't even get the water to spread last time I tried it! I used to be not-terrible at it but I seem to have become worse instead of better!

    1. I kept getting a clear film across the top that was stopping my polish from spreading. Maybe it was the polishes I used, but I'd hate to think badly of Barry M, so I'll blame the southern water instead :)

  3. Ahhh I think you done pretty well, I'm hideously bad at water marbling, I've seen special kits out now especially for water marbling, polishes, bowls everything!

    Jazz x

  4. It does look good! Don't resign though! I just do it when it is required of me like in a challenge. I would never just be bored at home like "OH I SHOULD TORTURE MYSELF FOR HOURS WITH A TINY CUP OF WATER".

    Are you using filtered room temp water? That makes a helluva difference in how the polish spreads too.

    1. No, I just used water straight from the tap, at whatever temperature it happened to be. I just wanted the whole ordeal over as quickly as possible lol.

  5. So hear ya about water marbling, not at all my favorite thing!! I should have taken a page from your book and only done one nail - I like this kind of water marbling the best - the straight lines as opposed to the flower shape!! I'd say this is a success!!

  6. Ooh Sam thats so pretty! It's something I've never tried myself. One day maybe :)

  7. LOLOLOLOL! I do love this very real/funny/well-done post, and the marble is actually terrific. It's truly not the fail you see it as.

    From an outsider's point of view (moi), it's fun and artistic.

    Don't give up. Let's make a pact to one day nail this challenge, shall we?

    Just not now. LOLOLOL. I will definitely need a period of recuperation after my attempt.


    1. Erm, I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to that pact yet. I'll get back to you lol.

  8. Keep up the water marbling cos your ring finger looks great! Your post did make me laugh too!

  9. I've sworn of marbling too, well I had until yesterday when I did an amazing one which will tempt me to try again. Must be strong and remember that was a one off strike of luck!

  10. This is really good ,the bubble give it a three dimensional look ;)

  11. I know its not supposed to have bubbles but I think this looks really effective!