Monday, 29 October 2012

Barry M Silvery Lilac vs OPI Not Like The Movies

A little while ago I bought Barry M Silvery Lilac in one of polish shopping sprees.  A few days later I saw OPI Not Like The Movies on someone's blog and went 'Oh...I've got that...and it's really similar to Silvery Lilac...Oops'.  So I decided to do a little comparison!

From the bottle shot you may wonder why I even thought they were similar.  The huge difference in the bottle is just down to the different shapes though, trust me!

Both polishes have a silver base, with silver sparkle dispersed through it.  They also both have a duochrome shift from green to purple.

In the photos below I used three coats of each.  My index and ring fingers show Barry M Silvery Lilac, and my middle and little fingers show OPI Not Like The Movies.

Here you can see the purple shift.  The Barry M has a slightly cooler-toned purple than the OPI.  The shimmery particles are of a similar size and density in both polishes.

The colour of the green shift is also a little different in the two polishes.  The Barry M leans to more of a jade/khaki tone (if such a colour exists...) whereas the OPI is more of an olive shade.

In terms of application, both polishes were pretty similar.  For me, you'll never beat an OPI brush - they give you such a clean cuticle line and even coverage.  Barry M brushes tend to hold a little too much polish for my liking, so sometimes I end up painting it on too thick.  It hasn't stopped me buying more or less every colour in the collection though...

So, although the colours in these polishes are slightly different, they're not different enough for you to need both.  Unless you're that way inclined.  So if you find yourself in Superdrug about to buy Barry M Silvery Lilac, take a second to stop and think about whether you've already got OPI Not Like The Movies sitting in your collection at home.

Not Like The Movies was a limited edition polish from the Katy Perry collection, so the good news is that if you like the look of it and you missed out on it you can pop out to Boots or Superdrug and pick up Silvery Lilac instead!

This is the first comparison post I've done, so any feedback would be much appreciated.  Would you like to see more of these sort of posts, or should I stick to the nail art?

PS.  Hopefully I'll be back on track with the 31 Day Challenge by the end of the week!  Honestly, I'm useless...


  1. Oooer, I would of never thought they were dupes! I own Silvery Lilac, so thanks for saving me some money as I was after Not Like the Movies :)

    1. Glad I could help someone! I'm trying to forget about what I paid for Not Like the Movies on ebay...although it wasn't as much as Teenage Dream lol.

  2. I'm fairly new to reading nail blogs and I LOVE comparison posts, especially when one polish costs £11 (which I will never pay) and the other less than a fiver :)

  3. I loved your comparison, you where very in depth about the littler differences which is JUST what you want when comparing shades. I often hunt down L/e'S I have missed. Just for knowing sake which do you prefer? :) I used to buy a colour I liked in a shop then come home and realize it was basically a dupe! Its great to know of dupes for future reference!

    1. Thanks, lthfifi :) Hmm...if I had to choose I'd probably go for the OPI as I think the colours of the shift are ever so slightly prettier. That being said, if I had to choose one to buy, I'd go for the Barry M because I don't think the OPI's different enough to justify the price difference.

  4. Wow!!! this was a great dupe find. I didn't get just like the movies but I do own Barry M silvery lilac so happy they look similar :)