Thursday, 1 November 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 24: Inspired by a Book

I'm finally back with another 31 Day Challenge post!  The next challenge I do, I'll be better I promise.  Apparently 3 months of being organised was too much for me!

Oh, another thing to mention.  I recently went through all my polishes and put all the ones I haven't tried into a bag.  The bag ended up pretty full...  So, by the end of November I want to try them all!  Each manicure I post in November, I will list which untried polish I've used, and hopefully I'll get through them all.

The challenge prompt for day 24 of the challenge is inspired by a book.  I have a few books piled up under my TV, and The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene has been looking at me for a few days, and I thought the cover might translate into a nice manicure.

This is the cover.  You will indeed find it looks nothing like my manicure.
Ok, so here are the nails.

This is a rubbish photo, sorry.  I blame the cooold daaark nights.  Anyhoo, I used Barry M Vivid Purple, which is super super pretty.  I almost didn't want to cover it up, but then I thought 'yeah right, as if I'm actually going to be caught dead going out with plain nails'.  Silliness.  Then I used OPI Stranger Tides and squiggled with a white nail art pen.

Erm...I really don't like them.  They were so pretty in my head.  I should've just cut out nail shaped pieces from the cover instead and stuck them on :p  I think maybe I'd prefer them if I'd used a different purple - one with a creme finish like Stranger Tides.  What do you think?

Also, I think Vivid Purple is quite similar to OPI Grape...Set...Match, so I might do a comparison post, if that's something people would be interested in seeing?

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Ooh, also, do you like my new banner??

Untried: Barry M Vivid Purple

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