Monday, 5 November 2012

Bonfire Night!

Today is bonfire night in the UK :)  This means bonfires, fireworks and general burning and explosions...  I decided to do some nice sparkly nails for the occasion!

This is Barry M Navy with Kleancolor Grand Finale.  Simple, but sparkly.  And it's on a PVA base, so later I get the fun of peeling it off.  Ah, it's the simple things...

Do you have any plans for tonight?  Personally I'm just hoping our neighbours have used up al their fireworks over the weekend - my poor doggy's terrified of them bless her!

Untrieds: Barry M Navy & Kleancolor Grand Finale


  1. Ahh this is lovely! I know how you feel with your pooch, mine is the same she's absolutely terrified!

    Jazz x

  2. Really pretty look! I have to try kleancolour! Same as you guys, My poor dog hates any noise when he can't see where its coming from!

  3. Hi. I am very happy that I found your blog, your very creative, love your nail art! So, I am your new follower. Have an amazing day!

  4. I love Kleancolor polishes. Amazing cheap polishes.

    nice work done here.