Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Turns out I can't spell remembrance...thank you google for your assistance.

I wanted to show my support and respect with a simple poppy manicure.

I used OPI Chick Flick Cherry, and Barry M Red, Spring Green and Black.

My poppy is actually still attached to my coat as well, which is amazing seeing as normally it falls off somewhere within a day or two.  Clearly I've finally mastered the pinning technique!


  1. Super cute! Love the poppies.

  2. Beautiful, a lovely sign of respect :) x

  3. Oh I so love this - how did you do the poppy, I gotta know?!!

    1. I painted the outline of the petals (fairly heavily) using a nail art brush. Then I used another brush dipped in acetone to drag the polish in towards the centre of the flower, and then added a black dot with a dotting tool. I hope that makes sense?? If not, I can put together a photo tutorial for you?