Thursday, 8 November 2012

Dancing on the Seabreeze

I had a study day yesterday, so naturally I went into town and bought some nail polish.  Not that many...I just picked up a few in the 'buy 1 get one 1/2 price' in Boots.  Amongst my haul was Models Own Dancing Queen from the Mirrorball collection.

I know some people have been disappointed with this collection, but when I saw it sitting there in the shop in all its sparkly goodness, with it's shiny lid, I thought I couldn't possibly be disappointed!  Well...erm...I was.

Here's two coats of Models Own Dancing Queen over 17 Seabreeze.  In theory (and in the bottle) it's beautiful.  It's made up of small and large gold, green, light blue and dark blue hex glitter, with silver and light blue shards as well.

It didn't blow me away, but maybe that's down to the colour I chose to layer it over, so I shall have to try it over some darker colours I think.  Application was a bit of a pain - the glitter all clumped together, and when I tried to spread it out I ended up taking it all off my nail!  Argh!  So I went for the old dabby dab dab.

Have any of you tried any polishes from the Mirrorball collection?  What did you think?  And any suggestions of colours I should try layering this over?

Untried: Models Own Dancing Queen

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