Sunday, 24 February 2013

Flip Flop #22: Plaid

Last post of the day - I shall never catch up lol.

The choices for day 22 were plaid or moustaches.  I opted for plaid because I haven't tried it before, and it seemed like a good opportunity to use some pretty pastel colours :)


I used Barry M Matt White, Berry Ice Cream and Blueberry Ice Cream.  The stripes were freehanded on with two different size striping brushes.  The lines aren't perfect, but I think it looks quite pretty :)

Here's a reminder of what's left in the challenge:

Let's see if I can finish on Thursday like we're supposed to!

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  1. These are cute! And girl - I'm behind too!! We'll finish late

    1. Haha at least I'm not alone! And thank you :)