Monday, 4 February 2013

Flip Flop #4: Ombre

Boo for Monday :(  Although my day wasn't exactly bad...was in a meeting this morning (far more fun than sitting at my desk) and then went out for lunch.  But nevertheless, having to get out of bed before 10am is never good.

So we're on to day 4!  The options for today were Ombre or One Stroke.  Although I've never tried the one stroke technique I decided to go with an ombre manicure.  I've only tried this once before, mixing my own shades of grey, so I thought this time I'd have a go at creating an ombre without mixing my own colours.

By the way, being able to do ombre manicures is a definite sign you have too many polishes.

I went for this teal-y sort of ombre,  I think the index and middle fingers should probably have been the other way around, but oh well!  I'll know for next time.


Starting from the thumb, I used Sally Hansen Green Tea, OPI Mermaid's Tears, Barry M Mint Green, Barry M Aqua Glitter (over Mint Green) and finally Barry M Teal.

Ombres aren't something I really do, because I think anything that doesn't involve nail art is a bit boring...  But I actually really loved this on - they're all such pretty colours :)  And it's such a quick and easy way of doing a manicure that's a little bit different.

Here's a reminder of what's coming up in this challenge!  If anyone has any preferences for what they'd like to see me attempt for any of the days, do leave a comment :)

And don't forget to check out all the other ladies taking part!


  1. Beautiful ombre! One of the best I've seen ^^

    1. Aw that's very sweet of you to say :) They're all such pretty polishes, I guess it's hard to go wrong with them!