Monday, 10 September 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 8: Metallic

Today's theme in the 31 Day Challenge is metallic.  I had a few ideas for this, mostly involving abstract/brushstrokey type manicures (one based on a Vienetta...perhaps I'll do that another time).  In the end though, I just decided to unleash my inner (ha) geek and go with a more literal interpretation.

Behold, my metallic nails.

I was hoping to include some atomic numbers as well but I didn't leave enough room...

The polishes are Barry M Gold Foil and Copper, and Stargazer 232.  I probably shouldn't have used Copper, it's totally the wrong finish, but it's...well, copper.

In case you don't frequently study your periodic table, and have forgotten your chemical symbols you learnt in school, we've got gold, titanium, copper and potassium.

Just wait until you see my rainbow nails on Thursday...they're divinely science-y.  I wonder if anyone can guess what they might be...?

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  1. Love these! Let that inner geek show :p

  2. Awesome!!! I love when science and polish mix. My inner geek thinks it's ridiculously awesome!

  3. Haha i'm also a nerd so my inner geek is going crazy about this mani!! i love it

  4. Rocks some fierce science!!! LOL. Great job!!!


  5. This is a SUPER SUPER SUPER cute idea!! Love the nails and the science! <3