Thursday, 20 September 2012

Glitter Skittles

Ok, I'm totally abusing the word skittles here...but I didn't know what else to call them.  I mentioned yesterday that I did a mani this weekend that I didn't want to take off, and here it is!

I've included two seemingly identical pictures to hopefully show the glitter as best I can - on the left in in natural light, and the right is with a flash.  This glitter is from Claire's, but I can't find a name (or even a number!) on the poor thing.  As embarrassing as it potentially is walking into Claire's as a 23 year old woman, they do have some super pretty glitter polishes.  And this was only £2.50.  Happy Sam :D

It's made up of gold, pink and green hexes, all quite muted tones, and there's also very fine silver glitter (I think it's looks gold in that photo though..hmm) which you can see on my thumb nail.  The bottle is chocka with glitter, so I was rather surprised when this went on so sparsely.  Since I wanted a full on glitter bomb, I went for dabbing it on, and this is about four coats of that.  It's still very pretty when it's sparse, but it's not what I wanted for this look :)

I was all adventurous and used a couple of other polishes that I don't really use - George Gnome and 17 Forever.

This is such a simple manicure, but I think it's so pretty.  For anyone who's fairly new to nails, you should give something like this a go.  Sometimes it's about having the confidence to wear a random colour on a couple of nails rather than doing something really intricate and complicated :)


  1. Soooo pretty, gradients are my fave way to use glitter.

  2. Don't be embarrassed. I am nowhere near 23 anymore and I still buy polish from Claire's :). This is really pretty mani.

    1. Haha, I do try to walk in with my head held high (unless I can drag my sister in with me).