Thursday, 13 September 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 9: Rainbow Nails

Hello again :)

Here, as promised, are my super geeky rainbow nails!

A nice little bit of dispersion for you!

For the base colour I used Barry M Grey.  The white was done using a nail art pen, and for the prism I used 2true No. 49.  Then for the spectrum, from red to violet, I used Barry M Bright Red, Max Factor Bright Orange, Rimmel Sunshine, Barry M Spring Green, China Glaze Manhunt and Jessica Ruffled Bottoms.

Next up the challenge is gradient nails *ponders whether or not to do something involving graphs...*

Check out all the other rainbow nails :)  There are some really great manicures today!

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  1. Cool and super nerdy - I vote for graphs!

  2. Love it!!! Very awesome idea!! And totally unique. Bravo!

  3. omg what a great idea! I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Graphs? Now that I gotta see!

    1. I didn't have time in the end, so I just had to use the original gradient mani I'd done for day 10. Perhaps another time though...