Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sensible Work Nails

Happy Wednesday all my lovely followers!  I can't believe there's now over a hundred of you!  Thank you all so much :)  It sort of snuck up on me a bit, so I don't have a giveaway planned, so perhaps when I reach another milestone :)

A spot of housekeeping first - you may have noticed, I've added a few tabs to this blog.  There's now a Challenges tab, where you can view pictures of challenge manicures for all the challenges I've done, all in one place :)  Challenges will be added when they finish (with the exception of the My Favourite Things challenge which is already up).  There's also a Tutorials tab.  This only has my one tutorial at the moment, but I'll add to that as I create more.  And remember, if you want to see a tutorial for anything or have any ideas for nail art you'd like to see me try, you can leave me a comment, Facebook post or even drop me an email.

Anyhoo, on to the nails!  So, as you may or may not be aware, I've recently started a new job working in a hospital.  I don't know if I'm allowed to wear nail I'm wearing it until someone tells me I can't.  I am, of course, trying to be rather stealthy about it, so nothing too outlandish.  So you're going to see a lot of these colours over the next few weeks!

So here's one of my sensible work manicures.

It obviously wasn't that stealthy, as someone asked me what polish it was because they really liked it.  Understandably.  It's OPI Stranger Tides, and I adore it.  I bought the Pirates of the Caribbean mini set like 2 weeks ago, if that, but I'm considering buying a big bottle of this already so I never run out...  The dots are OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons.  I think it looks really pink against Stranger Tides, but on it's own it's very much a beige-toned nude.  Topped of with Seche Vite, naturally.

In other news, on my way home today I walked into a stinging nettle.  My face still hurts.


  1. This is so gorgeous! The OPI Mini's never have enough in them! I get about 2 manicures from one of those bottles haha

    1. The brushes are a bit of a pain as well - they all seem to go on streaky, so I probably use more than I would if it was a big bottle. But buying minis means I can have more polishes! :D

  2. Okay how high was this nettle to get your face?!?

    The nails are very pretty, I've only got one Pirates OPI, but I still think this epic nettle sting is the greater issure :p

    1. Well, presumably about 5 foot... There's looaads of them growing outside my accommodation (which I hadn't noticed until one hit me square on the nose).