Saturday, 15 September 2012

Awards over the last few weeks (months) I've received a number of blog awards.   I've put off posting about them until I had time to do them properly and look through all the blogs I follow to choose suitable people and all that business, but it's all gotten a little out of hand and it's clearly never going to happen.

So, instead, I am just posting a thank you post.  Please check out all these lovely ladies blogs :)

First up, I received the Beautiful Blogger Award from Jane at Hen's Nest.

I was given the Appreciation Award from Mandy at Chameleon Stampede.

I received another Versatile blogger award from Caroline's Nails.

And lastly, Lexie at Blackfox Nails, Jas at Blingtastic Nails and Steph at Never Mind Suzi  all awarded me the Liebster Award!

Thank you all so much!  Sorry for not doing them properly, but they are very much appreciated.  Knowing that people enjoy reading my blog is what makes it worth doing!

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