Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Favourite Things: Flowers

I was intending to come back for this second post with a far more positive outlook, along the lines of - yes, I may live in a dump, but hey!  I get to fire x-ray beams, whilst making sound effects (sound effects aren't necessary, but they add to the firing experience).  But then I went into the bathroom.  Both bathrooms.  Both made me disappointed in humankind.

Today's theme for the My Favourite Things challenge is flowers.  A little while ago I did this manicure for another challenge, and at the time I thought it'd be nice to do it again some time with something like tulips instead of sunflowers.  So that's what I did :)

Bit of a Barry M fest here - I used Berry Ice Cream, Blueberry Ice Cream, Matt White, Bright Pink, and a green nail art pen.

Thursday is the last day of this challenge!  I still haven't decided what to do...hmm...


  1. Love this! So so so pretty..on my must try list!

  2. So cute and easter-y! Sorry you're having such a hard time in your apartment - I'm surprised my hubby is still living with me - I would not survive with roommates!!

    1. I think the problem is I lived with my boyfriend before, and he just did what he was told...

  3. So cute! I love how springie it is! =)

  4. These remind me of Easter, love them!