Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Colour Block

I have just bought so many nail polishes...the internet makes it far too easy.  I've ordered the rest of the W7 dupes of the Nails Inc sprinkles, as well a few (ahem) Barry M polishes, including the rather fabulous Jewel Britannia, which I only discovered existed today.  Although, I think I exercised fantastic self control, personally.  Only two of the polishes purchased were OPIs, and there were far more than that in my basket to begin with...

Speaking of OPI, I have a problem.  I am in love with the colour of Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, but I don't want shimmer, I just want the purple with a creme finish.  Does anyone know of a polish like this??  Here's a picture of it for reference:

Anyhoo, enough lusting, here's some nail art.

This is a tape manicure that I did a little while ago.  I'm  not very good at taping...hence the addition of the black lines between the segments!  (How messy do they look compared to the swatch above!)

I used Max Factor Disco Pink and Bright Orange, 17 Seabreeze and a black Sharpie.  And I think my ring finger has a coat of Seche Vite...

I was planning on doing a few manicures tonight, and then discovered I only have three cotton pads left, so, alas, twas not to be.  I am currently wearing China Glaze Harvest Moon though, so I'm going to go attack that with some gold polish and a striper brush.


  1. Sam did you do both of the above? Both fab!

    1. Just the bottom one :) The other one I pinched off another blog.

  2. I just removed Harvest Moon, it was a suprise favourite for me from the hunger games collection! Love your patch work mani :)

    1. It's the first time I've worn it, even though I bought it ages ago, and it is lovely :) I also have fast track. There are a few others I'm still lusting after, but I'm trying to refrain.