Friday, 20 July 2012

Summer Challenge 4: Travel

Today is the last day of the Summer Challenge being hosted by lady_flower123 over at The Polishaholic.  Today's theme is travel.

My boyfriend is a sailor, and a little while ago he told me I should have a go at painting the ship he works on on my nails (I think I've fooled him into thinking I'm far more artistically skilled than I am).  Anyhoo, today seemed like a good time to try this, so here you go:

Unfortunately, my dear Seche Vite made the black bleed a fair bit, so please excuse that!  I used Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, 17 Risky Red, and black and white nail art pens.


  1. amazing Sam <3 from mum aswellx

  2. Nice work! I am surprised about the seche vite. I thought it was smudge proof. Learn something new.

    1. Thanks :) I did drown them in Seche Vite before anything was remotely dry, so I think that was the issue. They didn't smudge as I put it on, it just started to bleed afterwards. So I feel I should take the blame for this one, not Seche Vite lol.

  3. nice!

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