Friday, 6 July 2012

Lava Flow

I was very excited when I saw W7 Lava Flow, Mosaic and Salt N Pepper on another blog.  These are far more unusual than I'd expect from this brand, so naturally I bought one.

Here's 2 coats of Lava Flow over 2 coats of OPI Your Web Or Mine?  I didn't think the base would be as opaque as it was, so I was intending for it to have a pale pink background.  You could probably wear this on its own with 3 coats.

Lava Flow contains red and matte black glitter in a pale grey, almost white, base.

The formula on this wasn't bad.  The only issue was that the glitter tended to be far more dense at the base of the nail, although I actually quite liked this.  It made it look sort of like a reverse gradient, and I would've left them like this with just the one coat if it wasn't that I'd already drowned my ring finger nail in the stuff.

Overall I was really pleased with this, especially for the price.  Now to buy Mosaic and Salt N Pepper.

Here's Your Web Or Mine? on its own - I don't really go for pink polishes, but I thought this looked lovely.  And I thought it made my hands look quite tanned, even if they do look their usual milky white in the photo...

On Sunday, I'll be starting a summer nail challenge hosted by The Polishaholic (check out the schedule here).  The first one is sunflowers, which since I'm currently at my parents' house with a limited selection of nail polish, none of which resemble yellow, this is definitely going to be a challenge!


  1. I love the w7 sprinkles, keeping my fingers crossed for a pink version =D xo

  2. W7 Lava Flow looks amazing!