Saturday, 10 August 2013

Black & White Challenge #4: Glam or Cute

TGIS!  (We all know Saturday's better than Friday).  What are you all doing with your weekend?  I was going to wander in to town today and pick up a few things for my fiance's birthday, but I'm feeling nice and chilled out in the flat, so I'm going to be lazy and put it off until tomorrow instead!  So today I'm just going to paint my nails, read a bit...maybe clean, if I get really desperate.

Anyhoo, on with the nails!  Day 4 of the Black and White Nail Art Challenge was glam or cute.  My initial idea for this was to have black nails, with blinged up white accent nails.  I was also planning on sticking a bow on somewhere, but when I went to do that last night it turned out my bows were pink not white...whoops!

Anyhoo, it ended up being totally different to what I started off intending.  And I don't really like it, but there we go!  I'm already days behind, no time for redoing manicures lol.


I used Barry M Matt White on all my nails, then I added Barry M Hologram to my thumb and ring finger, and added a Born Pretty Store pearl heart (because these were white!).  On my other nails, I added a coat of Barry M Black Multi Glitter, and removed with cling film.

Two more to go!  Hopefully I should have all the manicures posted this weekend!  Then maybe I should give up on challenges for a bit...

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