Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Guest Post: Rachos Nail Love

Hello lovelies :)

As I've probably mentioned a million times, my other half works away.  This means he's home for 6 weeks, and then away for 6 weeks.  The last few times he's been home, my blog has been completely neglected, because there's just too much darn cuddling to be done!  So, this time, I am prepared!  I've enlisted the help of some lovely bloggers to write guest posts, to keep things ticking over :)

First up is Rachael from Rachos Nail Love.  I've done a few challenges with Rachael, and she produces some fab nail art!  She's also recently posted swatches of the new OPI Minnie Mouse collection and some UK indies, so be sure to pop over and check her blog out!


Hello lovely readers of Polished Art!

I am really pleased to be doing a guest post for Sam while she's away! My name is Rachael and I run another British nail blog called Rachos Nail Love.

I love reading Sam's blog, especially for her new quick nail art tutorial posts which I love trying. She always creates beautiful work with such simple colours and effects and I love reading when she tries new techniques - so I thought I would try some new nail art for you today!

So here are today's nails - Rainbow weave. I got the weave inspiration from Lucy's Stash nails that she did last year, and I've seen so many rainbow nails recently with it being summer that I felt like joining in!

These were much simpler than I expected - here's a quick rundown of how to do them:

1. Apply a base coat of white.
2. Rip off a small piece of makeup sponge and use to sponge different colours over your nails.
3. Using a small brush, paint some black diamond shapes onto your nails in a diamond pattern.
4. Join up each diamond alternately across your nails, one line above the diamonds, one below etc
5. Do the same again going up your nails
6. Top coat and clean up around your nails and you're done!

And I even attempted a tutorial for you! Hope its not too bad!

So, what do you think? They're a bit rough around the edges but its a learning curve!

Thanks again to Sam for letting me guest post for her!

Rachael xxx


I'm sure you'll all agree that's a fab post from Rachael - such a pretty manicure!  If you do have a go at her manicure, do post a picture on my Facebook page for me to have a nose at :)

Thank you again Rachael!