Friday, 23 August 2013

Prairie Charms Project Blogger

Evening ladies, are you all enjoying the start of your weekend?

I was recently contacted by Prairie Charms on Twitter asking if I wanted to take part in Project Blogger.  Prairie Charms make really cute, unique pieces of jewellery, including headbands and the like.  All very cute so do check them out.  And they'll also make custom products if you've got something in particular in mind that you'd like!

Also, 10% of all their profits go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, so you can do a good deed while you shop :p

Anyhoo, what does Project Blogger involve?  Well, they offered all participating blogs a 50% discount code to purchase some products to include in blog posts.  This post then serves as your entry into their competition to win the opportunity to design a custom product to be sold on their website!  As well as that, you get a discount code to share with all your readers.  Happy days!  So here's my attempt at saving all you ladies some money!

I chose to buy a couple of bracelets, and today I'm showing you this Sadia Bracelet.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry (apart from my engagement ring of course!), but when I do I tend to go for bracelets :)


The bracelet is made up of these lovely marble effect beads, which I attempted to recreate on my nails!  I used the DIY spotted technique.  Well, I attempted to use this technique.  Instead of doing to nice spotty thing, it just sort of split up and clumped together.  I'm pretty pleased with how my middle finger turned out anyway, but my index finger's a bit of a disaster...  Any tips?


For the marbles nails I used Barry M Matt White and Grey, with a smidgen of Barry M Black in there as well.


On my other nails I used Barry M Black, and painted a little feather to match the bracelet using Barry M Gold Foil.  It seems I created another unintentional Barry M fest...


I think the bracelet is really cute, and the quality seems great :)  I'm now just pondering whether or not I can start wearing jewelry to work...

I also ordered another bracelet, but I'm currently testing out the Vinylux top coat, so if my nails ever chip I shall remove my current manicure and do one for the other bracelet!  And don't forget to pop by Prairie Charms to see if there are any products that take your fancy :)


  1. Awwww this manicure matches exactly the bracelet, love the concept :D and your feather is perfect!

  2. The marble nails look amazing! I love your photos :)

    1. Thanks :) Don't think I'll be attempting the DIY spotted again was far too similar to water marbling for my liking!