Monday, 12 August 2013

Nelly Polish: Bodmin and Beeny

Hello lovelies :)

I had a lovely day in work today.  I started my placement in Nuclear Medicine last week, so today I was sitting in on some scans going on.  All very interesting :)  And the day just goes so much quicker when I'm not just sitting at my desk trying to get reports written!

As promised, today I'm showing you a brand new UK indie brand - Nelly Polish.  International readers, there's no need to stop reading!  We all know it's been a nightmare shipping polishes from the UK since Royal Mail decided to be big old meanies and clamp down on people posting polish.  Hilary from Nelly Polish was not to be stopped though!  Instead, she created dry nail polishes.

Yep, dry.  If you're in the UK, you can of course buy the ready made stuff.  But for all you international lovelies, you can buy the dry product and then just add your own clear polish.  This isn't just a case of she send you some pigment and glitter and you essentially make your own polish; the dry mix also includes the ingredients for the suspension base.  And it's all perfectly safe and legal to ship abroad, woohoo!

On with the pretties!

The lovely Hilary sent me two polishes to share with you - Bodmin and Beeny, from her first collection 'The Fungooms', based on the children's website created by her husband (argh, how cute!).


As you can see, Bodmin is already made up, and Beeny was sent to me as the dried product to try out (I have plenty of cheap clear polish that I've accumulated!).

First up, Bodmin!


Bodmin is a teal jelly, packed with green hex glitter of various sizes!  It's a little tealer than my camera wanted to show.  Application was great, and I used three coats here and was happy with the opacity :)  I didn't have to fish for glitters or anything and, as you can see, you get plenty of glitter on your nails!


Nelly Polishes dry to a matt finish, so I used a coat of Seche Vite (as if I wouldn't have anyway...)

Next up, Beeny!  This is where the fun starts...

The dried version of Nelly Polishes come in two forms - like I have here, where it's in the bottle, metal balls and all, and you just need to add some clear polish, or in a sachet that you can add to a bottle of clear polish.  Hilary includes instructions with her polishes, but essentially...shake shake shake.

I used W7 top coat to make up this polish.


Beeny is quite sheer, so I used two coats over a coat of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.  Beeny is a slightly dusty light blue, with small and medium orange hex glitter (although I'd say they look more red).

I think it's quite an unusual colour combination, but it's really pretty.  Beeny didn't seem as packed with glitter as Bodmin, so I did have to dab a little bit to get it where I wanted.


I've left Beeny sit for two days now, and those glitters aren't sinking.  There has been a little separation of the clear polish from the mixture at the top (which Hilary does warn can happen with particularly thin clear polish), but a quick shake and it's good to go.

If I'm honest, I wasn't expecting too much from these polishes.  I thought the idea was absolutely BRILLIANT, but I thought you might be sacrificing on quality for the novelty of it being dried.  But not at all!  The quality is fab, and they're sooo pretty (I actually gasped when I unwrapped Bodmin).  So give these a go!  And I'm sure you've got some cheap top coats lying around that could go to better use!

There are three ways to buy Nelly Polishes:

Nelly Polish: £6.50 (UK only)
Bottled Nelly Mixture: £5
Nelly Mixture Sachet: £4

The price of indies is what generally puts me off buying them.  But you can't complain about these prices!  Pop on over to the Nelly Polish website and see if any of the colours take your fancy :)


  1. This sounds like a fun idea! And I really like the colours in Beanie :)

    1. It is indeed fun! Worth buying just for the novelty lol.

  2. Beeny is may favourite too! I love the idea of sending the dry ingredients! Maybe some international indie companies will start doing the same, and hopefully bring the prices down a little - international shipping is so expensive!

  3. It seems like such a great idea to send just the dry ingredients, and the polishes look great -- I love Beanie!