Monday, 13 August 2012

First Water Marble

I have for you today a little nail fail to start the week.

I finally got round to trying out water marbling with, er, interesting results.  I shall let the photo do the talking.

I used a base of Barry M Matte White, then for the marbling I used 17 Nightshade, Barry M Grey and Collection 2000 Star Dust.

Guess which nail was my first attempt...  I'm quite pleased with my index finger though!  And I quite like my little finger, even if it is wobblier than was intended.  As for the mess on my hands, that's because I decided to ignore the countless blogs I've read that said to tape or vaseline your fingers to make clean up easier.  I am a fool.

Are you a fan of water marbling?  Have you had more success than me with this technique?

I'll have two posts for you tomorrow - the first of the My Favourite Things challenge hosted by Kelly at Ooh La La Polish! and my favourite Teal Tuesday manicure so far!

I was trying to work out how to add a suggestions box to this blog, but that was another fail.  I'd still love some suggestions for what nail art I should try though, so if you've got any ideas then post a comment on here or on my Facebook page :)  It'd be great to get a regular feature going of readers' suggestions.


  1. Not to shabby! I have the non-water-marbling gene on my side of the family, so I just dont do it. I have done Dry Water Marbling, (More Nail Polish blog has a toturial)and it has similar effects.

    1. Yeah I might have a go at that, not sure I'll be giving this a go again!