Sunday, 19 August 2012

Nail Night

Happy Sunday lovely people.

As I said yesterday, last night I went to my auntie's house and drank lots of wine, ate lots of nibbles and painted some nails :)

Here are photos of everyone's nails - sorry they're not great quality, they're all taken with a flash.

These are my auntie's nails; she wanted a purple leopard print design :)

My mum was feeling a little indecisive, but eventually settled on a recreation of my rose nail art.

My little sister got no say in what she had, other than choosing the colours.  She was also the last person's nails I painted, and therefore I'd consumed the most wine by this point...

 From thumb to little finger, I did zebra print, leopard print, a lightning bolt, glitter and what's supposed to be a gradient...  This is the first time I've tried doing leopard print with a dotting tool - sooo much easier with a nail art pen!

If you want to know what any of the particular polishes are, just ask in the comments.  Also, I'm thinking of doing a few photo tutorials, including ones for the leopard and rose print.  Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in seeing!

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  1. Tutorial for the rose! I really like that one :p